Monday, August 22, 2011

Wedding Decor

A little cricut magic

and we have Mr. & Mrs

This is the one that was on the Bride and Groom table

Since I have not been crafting much these days I thought I would share some more wedding decorations I made last month. My sister was pretty sure of what she wanted so once we got the general overall theme down it was pretty simple from there. She decided to go with a beach theme, since they were getting married at a marina.  The only drawback we had were the walls in the restaurant of the reception area.  They where a hideous green color, but since there was no time to paint  LOL, we did the best we could.  The owner of the restaurant rented the table clothes for us for $2.00 a piece, so if you have to have linens that is a good tip to remember.  I actually ended up getting them for free because the guy was Very late (another story for another post) and the linens were not white as ordered.     So with the restaurant secured and ideas in our heads we first checked the thrift stores and quickly scored plenty of small glass containers.  The dollar store provided the hurricanes.  Some sand, shells and floating candles and we were set on go.  We quickly discovered that the table was lacking some color.  Because the service was so casual and they really didn't have a color scheme it wasn't hard to pick a color to pull everything together.  We decided on this pretty blue 6" wide ribbon at Michael's, with a 50% off coupon we scored it for $5.oo.  The floating candles were the most expensive thing we had to buy.  We totaled it all up and we spent about $60.00 on everything.  

The bride and grooms table
The picture are not very good, I barely made it to the wedding on time so I didn't get to take pictures before hand.  So I had to borrow these. 

Some shells a flower and a floating candle accented the tables

Check these out at Thrifty & Fabuless, I wish I had seen these beauties they would have been great on the wedding couples table.  Until next time!

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