Monday, June 13, 2011

Graduation Banner

I made this Graduation banner for Mark, we are having a party for him next Saturday so I thought It would be nice to decorate a little.  All I used was some ribbon that came in the grab bag from CHKD.(I am sure getting my $3 worth out of that purchase) folded and ironed it in half.  Cut out some triangles with  2 inch tops, folded those over to create a sort of hook to attach to the ribbon.  Cut the letters I wanted out of my handy dandy contact paper applied them to the triangles, hung and done!
It was really hard to photograph the whole thing

Here is a quick little book I put together, by covering something I had.  I thought people could write well wishes for Mark at his Grad party on Saturday


  1. Wendy, this is wonderful ... I just know Mark will love it!

  2. cool bananas Wendy - it looks great! Have fun at the party!


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