Monday, June 27, 2011

Camping Birthday ~ Outside Decor

My daughter turned Eleven this past weekend and we had a ball planning her "Camp Samantha" Birthday themed party over the next week I will try and share all that we did to make this party fun!
First up the Camp Site

We have sections in our yard, The front as you go in, then there is the pond and then the front yard.  This is what guests were greeted with upon entering the driveway.  The sign says Welcome to Camp Samantha and behind it is a small camp site.  I made the sign with my cricut and simply glued it to some orange and brown paper and then stuck that to a piece of cardboard for stability and then Mitch attached it to a stake and I hammered it in the ground.  For the tents I took poster board from the $ store, punch holes about 3 inches in and 2 inches from the top and tied it with some string.  Propped them up in the yard and staked down the sides so they would not blow over.  Then I built a little fire with some spare wood and Viola!  Very cute Camp Site for about $7.00!  Next up will be the Fireplace Decorations!


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