Monday, April 11, 2011

Coasting through Monday!

Happy Monday!
I made so many things while I was gone that I will have plenty to share for a while.  Here is one of the quickest things I did.  We went thrift store store hopping at Nags Head, have you ever done that?  Well it ain't nothing exciting, they have the same smelly crap we do.  lol  Moving on...I picked up a set of these coasters, they were brand new.  I asked the guy how much for these, he says 50 cents! I say a piece?  He says NO for all four!  What!!??   Took them back to the cottage, picked out some paper, used a little modge podge and TaDa!  A brand new set of coasters.
They weren't bad when I bought them.
I love how they turned out

This one was my favorite

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