Tuesday, October 12, 2010

DIY Bat Button Wreath - My Version

DIY Bat Button Wreath

A while back I saw this post at Modge Podge Rocks and wanted to make one of my own.  It took me a while, but here is my version.  Very Easy and super cute, I hung it on the door in my laundry room where everyone enters.  Hopefully this week I will be sharing some other Halloween projects, unless this week turns out like last week.  Busy-Tiring- and I end up exhausted by the weekend.  I was really bad and did not take pictures as I went along.  Obviously I painted my frame black.  This was a picture I bought at the thrift store for like $1, took out the picture and painted the frame black. 
Measuring to make sure it fits in the frame

buttons layed out on paper

Added my Trick Or Treat Tag

 The DIY project looked really cute with the purple paper, but for some reason I had already committed myself to the gray back ground.  All I did was draw a circle on the paper and lay out my buttons to get a feel of where I wanted them. I did have to cut the paper down some to get it to fit in the frame, so my advise is to make sure your wreath or paper is not to big before committing with glue.  Then I glued the buttons in place added some MM Halloween goodies I had in my stash.  I made the Trick or Treat tag by spritzing it with glimmer mist, and actually I got too much on so I turn it over to absorb some of the liquid onto a piece of paper someone had thrown away and I got the print on it, It didn't look bad so I left it, stamped my trick or treat image on it and backed it with an orange circle added it to my frame and Viola. 
Close-up of my witch

My Completed wreath


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