Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Button

So I have been searching for an easy tutorial to make a Blog Button.  All the Great Crafty Blogs I visit have a button and dag gone it I wanted one and was determined to find an easy way.

Original Design
Yesterday I stumbled on this FANTASTIC site that is all things BLOGGY.  They have a tutorial using picnik my favorite photo site.  The next tutorial is the HTML code to go along with my new button.  So with out further ado here is my new button.  Tell me what you think?   Shell it is to identify your site a logo if you will  and can be used numerouse ways.  

Completed Button ready to use



  1. OK I like it... but I am going to ask the dumb question

    what do you use it for??

  2. I like your button...but the black text is rather hard to read from a distance.
    Good job!


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