Thursday, August 12, 2010


Riley is 9 years old and has been fighting the cancer since she was 6. The medical team at East Carolina University did all possible and the Philpot family even sought radical gene therapy in a specialized clinic in Chicago. The results from that treatment were encouraging, but on follow-up the cancer had returned. Riley is in the hospital now and the doctors only give her a few weeks to live.

Her only request is to receive as many get well cards as possible when she goes home. Please take a minute to send Riley a card and make her one and only wish come true.

Riley Philpot
206 Slaney Loop Road
Winterville, NC 28590


  1. Thank you for posting this -- I will definitely do my part to make her wish come true.

  2. Wendy - see the info below from Riley's caringbridge site:

    We want you to know that Riley is feeling well and that is the truth. There are some emails and rumors that are floating around with many untruths. We would ask you all to help us crush those lies with the truth by correcting any mistruths that you encounter. Well intent and concern has morphed into concerning untruth regarding her having only weeks to live and her requesting more cards through Make-A-Wish. These untruths can be hurtful to us and to those who hear this information. Only God knows the truth so please hold on tight to Him and know that we will share the most accurate information on how she is doing her on this carepage site and on a new caringbridge site named www.caringbridge.org/visit/rileyphilpot. We will post on both sites now for those having trouble receiving carepage updates. You may want to register on caringbridge to receive updates if you are having trouble getting posts through carepages. Thanks for your help in spreading His truth.

    Thankful for Hope, Faith, and Prayerful support, Kirk and Kelly

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog=)My daughter is 11 and I just can't imagine what the parents of this child must be going through.


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