Friday, August 20, 2010

I {heart} this!

Cricut Create

The Cricut Create™ Personal Electronic Cutter combines the portability of the original Cricut® machine with the functionality of the Cricut Expression™ machine. The Cricut Create machine is the same size as the original Cricut machine, yet it allows cuts from 0.25" up to 11.5" on a 6" x 12" cutting mat. The machine also includes an eight-way directional blade, Portrait mode (to cut taller images), Fit to Page mode (to cut the largest cut possible), Auto Fill mode (to mass produce cuts), Center Point function, and Flip function. An improved display screen and sleek design add greater style and convenience.

Included Cartridges


What is your opinion?  I especially want to hear from Shell cuz I know she has the inside scoop!

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  1. to be honest Wends it is not much different from your baby bug. It has been around a while.

    If you were going to replace the one you have now, I would spend the extra $$ and get the Expression and get ALL the functionality it has. Also - so many Cricut's are being specialled around the place right now - you could get an expression for the price of the Create!

    You can pick up an expression without carts (which u already have)for $170 to $240.. i will keep my eyes open for a special for you


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