Friday, January 8, 2010

Not sure about this

I posted and asked when each project would be posted and the answer made me wonder if I made the right decision to do this book.  Every Wednesday they will be posting the new project!  Yikes! This is as far as I have gotten with my photos.  I will give it a try, not sure when I will be posting my results, but Judi and I will both be posting on this blog so keep and eye out.  I can't wait to see Judi's first page.


  1. You only have to do one page. If you get behind one week just make it up. We are doing this together so i am sure I will not always be on time either. You doin't even want to know what my scrap room looks like right now. Alexi was here and we did a project for her kids at school. I will post that soon.

  2. Yeah, ya'll don't want to see what my scrap room looks like either...oh wait, now it is called my "Storage Room" and can only be viewed by one person at a time because all you can do is lean over through the doorway. I miss cropping so much! I hope ya'll have fun with this, but does that mean you will be doing 52 pages for the book?


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