Sunday, May 12, 2013

History circa 1978

History refurbished

Around 1978 there was a man that built a house from scratch, and I mean scratch. This included his kitchen cupboards. He has told many a story of the house being built. Recently he had his kitchen remodeled and the cabinets he made with his own two hands were torn down to make way for beautiful new cupboards. When I saw the discarded cupboards I saw a canvas for something to remember the sweat and hard work that went into making someone's house a home. The first thing I made I wanted to reflect this man and his wife. I chose these two birds. I call it Birds of a feather.


This next one is also for my mom.

This I made from half of one of the doors and the handles and hinges. It is ment to be a jewelry hanger.

Stay tuned for more, and maybe even some other crafty things.


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