Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deals and Up Coming Scrap


34 4x5.3 trueDigital print(s) $3.06

25 Free Print(s) standard shipping $0.00
cost of prints: $3.06

PRINTSFEB: -$2.72 (My discount-Good til the end of Feb.)

subtotal: $0.34

shipping & handling:standard: $0.65

VA Tax: $0.05

prints order total: $1.04

 I use them all the time, at Christmas time I bought over a hundred prints for like 5.00, they have specials all the time and if I am not mistaken, you can also pick up your prints at a couple different locations, but it's .65 cents to have it sent to the house so why not!!?

OK,  So on to the purpose of getting all these photos together.  In March which is approaching so quickly that I cannot believe it.  My mom two sisters and I are going to Va. Beach for a weekend scrap and I have been slowly but surely getting my stuff together.  There are still some spots left if anyone is interested. 

Click HERE for more info

I am working on some organization projects too so stay tuned.

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