Sunday, March 6, 2011

Quick Craft

I thought I would share a quick craft on this raining Sunday morning.  I picked up these cute little pink containers at the $ store.  added some ribbon, contact paper and my Opposites Attract cricuit cartridge and Viola. A 25 cent project.

I know there are only three in the picture, my daughter had already stolen one for herself.

Complete and ready to fill with your favorite treats!

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  1. Does the cricut cut all the way through the contact paper or just the front and leave the back? Is it hard to peel off?

  2. super cute wendy! you found those here in Franklin?

  3. No Michele I found them in the suffolk dollare store. The one behind Burger King. They have alot more to choose from.

  4. Gotcha...yes that Dollar Store has much more to choose from...I will have to check that out if I head that way any time soon! Thanks!


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