Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Dry Erase Board

This is what I started with

I am sorry this is a terrible picture, it is very hard to photograph glass

Deciding is the hardest part

I think the hardest thing about doing any project is deciding on what supplies to use.  If I am making it for someone else I have no problem.  But this was for me and I had the hardest time deciding what paper to use for my background.  As I was sifting through my supplies I found all the great stuff I had won on Shells 50th post!  It was all perfect and I had everything i needed to make this fabulous board. I simply removed the contents of the current frame, decided on what papers and embellishments to use, attached them to the cardboard back, inserted behind the glass.  Project complete....yeah right, I took this thing back and fourth out of the frame to make adjustments so many times I think at one point I heard the Bird Sigh!  I just wanted to make sure I was happy with the results.  I have already picked out the papers to make the next one.  Sallie has inspired me to make Christmas gifts. 


Close up of the bottom
I hope I have inspired you to make something today!
  Happy Thursday!


  1. Very nice! I'm hoping to stop by the thrift store this afternoon to see what promising stuff I can find there! Christmas is coming SOON!

    PS - I heard that bird complaining way over here! :)

  2. Cute! Where did you put this wipe board?


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