Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creative Me

Well, It's not creative me it's creative sallie.  She is a  friend that doesn't think she is crafty, but she is wrong.  She came up with this very cute dishwasher magnet out of things around the house.  She has an adorable little girl that will appreciate her craftiness as she gets older.   Love It!   Thanks for sharing your cute quick craft with me Sallie.  (see her directions below)
I used a magnet (business card size) that came off of the back of a magnetic memo pad that was used up. Covered it with scrapbooking paper from Michaels (using double stick tape). The letters are from a big pack of die cut letters that you just pop out - I'll NEVER use all of those letters! I ran them through the small Xyron thingy to make them into stickers. I didn't have much time to look around for embellishments, so I just stuck on a couple of stickers from a little pack I had that Sarah Grace hasn't found yet. :)

I think we all have a little craftiness in us. If you have a project that you have done and would like me to share it on my blog, please feel free to e-mail me and I will feature you on my blog!


  1. Janna could totally use one of those! :P

  2. Thanks, Wendy. I guess I need to make a "clean" on too, but I haven't gotten that far yet... It's good to have goals, right? You inspire me to make something from nothing.


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