Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking Good...

As much as I try to recycle and be as green as possible, my husband has issues of his own and insists on using these.  So Sunday when I had my craft on, I spiffed it up a little.  If your going to have something o your counter (he insists) ir might as well look good.
A few supplies, Tim Holtz ink a little Minds Eye paper and the best photo tape ever, I try to ignore the fact that I am running low on this stuff.  Does CM even sell it anymore, I must find out.

I didn't really have the right letters so I used the ones I had as stencils 

Much nicer to look at!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. That is really creative -- and gorgeous to look at! Smart thinking, plus, it looks like it was fun to do.

  2. I love this, we have the same thing on our counter, I need to try this!!!

  3. holy crud - you are a little crafting powerhouse at the moment

    want to send me some of your mojo... and your time!!! LOL

  4. ps - you want the best photo tape - it is THIS

    same sort of thing by the looks of it - it ROCKS!


  5. What a good idea! Love that Java stencil. Looks like something you'd see at Starbucks!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment today. :)


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