Thursday, May 27, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

OK, So this weekend we have no plans and from all accounts of the weather it seems to be a washout.  Plus I am off on monday so a three day weekend it is!  So with that said my mind is going crazy and I have got to get some projects done.
 I stumbled on to this post over at Today's Creative Blog Link Party This woman has noooo idea how much trouble she has saved me.  I wanted to make these adorable necklaces as party favors for Sam's upcoming birthday party.  She has taught me the easy peasy way!  Thank You Donene!! 
So now I have that to do, but first I need to work on the invites that really need to go out by the last day of school June 17th. Plus I have another gift project that I must get in the mail within the next 2 weeks.
 I also have found the perfect cake for Sam's 10th birthday, I haven't cleared it with her yet, but I think she will love it.  Here is a version I found on the web yesterday, sorry I forgot where I saw this, but I want to make it one layer, zebra print and I love the pink balls around the bottom and the peace sign on top! Hope she likes it, now I just need to find someone to make it for me! 

My great friend Shell sent Sam a gift while back that has inspired me to make t-shirts with peace sign on them for party favors.  I figured I could get the t-shirts cheap usually Walgreen's has them the cheapest, Silk Screen this on the front and voila! 
I hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend planned.  Check back I hope to have a ton of finished projects to post!


  1. Your Welcome! hope youhave a wonderful party!

  2. You are sooo dagon GOOD! I can't wait to see everything so please take pics and be sure to post!

  3. Did you already have the birthday party with this cake? I would love to know if you did a cake with fondont or not. . . . trying my hand at one this weekend! EEK!! Hopefully it turns out, or we will only have cupcakes! LOL


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