Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brougt to you by the Letter M

I started off with a bunch of Myers, I would like to say I wish I had a longer name and Annie is right make sure you use a photocopier, not ink jet.  I ran short on Myers and had to print one at home and ended up having to change it out because the ink ran. 

I applied and applied and applied the names with modge podge, it fairly simple just make sure you have enough different fonts, makes it easier, I found myself with a lot of the same font towards the end.  I decided to just do the front of the letter, so after they dried I trimmed off anything hanging off the edges.

Then I inked the whole thing and modge podged over the whole thing again.

And here it is from beginning to end, what do you think? Does it need something?
Be honest, I can take it.  LOL


  1. I ♥♥♥ it!!! I especially love how you made your name all catty wompus! Fantastic job!!!

  2. I love it! I think you just need to put it in front of a different colored wall or something. The white background doesn't help it pop.

  3. I love it!!! What a great idea!


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