Thursday, April 1, 2010

I did not realize I was on my 50th post here, when I posted on Scrappin with Friends!
So anyway in honor of my 800th & my 50th Post
 I would like to do a giveaway!

During the Redneck SDV, I made this for my mantel, they are simple 2 x 2 blocks, covered with paper and letters, inked and modge podged.

So on Friday I will have Samantha selected a name from the comments to received your very own set of name blocks.  So comment away and I will be back on Saturday to announce the winner!


  1. I LOVE this! HAd NO idea you did that too at the weekend crop! You amaze me! Sam...draw my name! Glad you did the post about this blog b/c I need to add it to my list to check regularly! You and Judi and your Mom are sooo CREATIVE!

  2. Oooooo! I love those blocks! Draw my name PLEASE Sam!! You are very creative. Does this stuff just come off the top of your head or do you see things that spark an idea and you just run with it? Just curious.....

  3. Me, me, pick me! I LOVE free stuff. :) *giggle*

  4. Thanks Ladies, actually alot of my ideas I steal from the sites you see to the right. Tater Tots & Jello is my favorite! I just found the modge Podge site, it has lots of great things on it as well.

  5. I WANT THEM, I WANT THEM!!! And I have a short last name, so mine will be alot easier than all these other folks! lol Sam, pull my name! You and your friends got lots of FREE stuff at your Mom's Gold Canyon Party, so you owe me!!

    Seriously,these are so cute. Even if I don't win, tell us how to make our own. What are the blocks?

  6. So cute! I have been thinking about making a set and have not gotten around to it.

    I am your newest follower=)

  7. Super cute! I want to make some...I have a ton of scrapbook paper laying around I think I could put it to good use with these cutie! Did you paint the wood first? This is going on my to do list. I would love to be the lucky winner of these too!

  8. Love the blocks and love the blog!


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