Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Help Someone made a mess of my Scrap Space!

Oh Yeah, it was me....  Look at this place, what a mess.  I have project after project waiting on me....  Never thought I would hope for rain, but rain means no ball practice and I may get some stuff organized, because only 9 more days!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish me Luck!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Somehow this makes me feel better about the world. I'm not sure why. :) I think they are calling for rain. Hope that works out for you!

  2. you messy little booger - get to it!

    and I am more than HAPPY to send you our rain - I am sick of it!

  3. Still looks better than my space! I can't get organized to save my life these days.

  4. Mine doesn't look that bad right now. Maybe we should all take pictures of our scrap areas and you can post them!!!


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