Saturday, January 23, 2010

Page 3 Family Tree

This was not an easy project.  I tried to keep it simple and just left the places where I didn't have the information blank.  It looks a little odd but I am going to try to fill it all in.  A very simple looking page but not so simple to do.  I wish I had more information.

Here is my page such as it is, I haven't gotten all the information on my dads side so that is incomplete.  Mom had a lot of information so her side is almost complete.  I can always go back and redo the information later.  This book is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Hopefully it will get easier.
I made my tree from some cardboard I had been painting on for quite some time, I thought it gave the page a little interest.


  1. I love both pages. It is neat to see 2 totally different pages, but you both have the same concepts. Great job!

  2. LOVE your trees
    awesome job =)


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