Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Card book!!

This is my all time favorite book.  Every year I get tons of cards and photos from family & friends.  I love to see how all the kids have grown and families have changed.  Here is a look at what I do with all those cards and photos.

Here is a sample page of the inside.  My favorite family the Grawkowski's.  Every year they go to their cabin at Thanksgiving and take family photos.  This fun to see the new additions to their family and how everyone changes from year to year.

Another sample of an inside page.

I put some cards inside as well.  Have fun with it.  Again this is one of my favorite books.  I pull it out at Christmas time and when ever someone comes over we end up looking at it.


  1. As Charlie took down our Christmas Cards and Pictures Sunday, I was wondering what in the world would I do with all of them. Great idea! I usually keep them in my "To Do" drawer in the office...which is over flowing by the way...lol

  2. It is a quick project to do. And fun to look at from year to year.

  3. I LOVE this idea Wendy! Thanks for sharing!


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