Sunday, December 13, 2009

Finished project

Here is the project I started at the last get together, I had to get another starbucks jar so it has been put off for a while.  This is for Samantha's teacher, it is so quick and easy I thought I would share my steps.

1.   Drink all the Yummy goodness in the bottle.

2.  Clean the bottle and peel off the label, dont' worry about getting off the sticky, you are going to cover it with paper.  Magic eraser will take off the exp. date stamped on, or probably some hand sanitizer.

3.  Cut your paper to fit around the bottle,  I used a tape runner to attach and then I ran some glue down the side to kinda seal that paper so it doesn't get caught and tear.

4. I had to free hand cut a circle for the lid to cover the words, or you could paint it.

5.  Add some embellishments of your choice
6.  Fill it with your receivers favorite treats and you are set. One quick fabulous gift!!
Happy Holidays

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